2016 Strategy Games 2016 Most Played Strategy Games

European Wars 8 European Wars War Warships Modern Setting Tanks Choose from three different countries and liberate European cities from the fascist regimes!

Create and upgrade units, ensure that they have a strategic advantage, and send them into battle against your foes.

Be treated to a pure strategy game with exciting gameplay elements you would want to play for hours.
Clash of Clans - Clash of Clans War Building Fantasy Setting Time Management Management Use the perfect attacking and defensive strategies to protect your land from the ferocious goblins.

Build your village and strengthen up your army to raid other players’ villages for resources.

Create a guild or join one to get reinforcements against the toughest of opponents.
Empire: Four Kingdoms - Empire: Four Kingdoms Empire Building Real Time Fantasy Setting Medieval Age Player vs Player (PvP) Become the most powerful Castle Lord in the Empire.

Defeat your opponents by building the strongest military in the region.

Enter into alliances so that your enemies can never attack you without being retaliated upon.
The Settlers Online 10 The Settlers Online Real Time Time Management Medieval Age Player vs Player (PvP) Develop your own island into a bustling metropolis for your settlers.

Build facilities to grow your resources to support for your growing city.

Send and receive resources from other players in the world.
Duelyst 10 Duelyst Magic Fantasy Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Collectible Cards Over 350 cards and 6 factions to choose from.

Summon minions and cast devastating spells.

Get ready for epic turn based tactics style battles.
Heroes of the Banner - Heroes of the Banner Fantasy Setting Tower Defense Mixes both Tower Defense and RPG into an addictive story driven strategy game that will keep you immersed for hours.

Battle it out in over 60 different maps, 3 main Hero classes and an assortment of weapons and upgrades to earn the needed items and skills as you defeat your enemies in either single-player or multi-player challenge mode.

Go on treasure hunts on treasure maps to find treasure and augment the items you already have by finding weapons, gold, medals, scrolls and much much more.
Anno Online - Anno Online Naval Battles City Building Historical Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Build your own settlement from scratch, and turn it into a dazzling economic empire centered around a sprawling city.

Create structures, nurture your citizens, upgrade your tech and expand to other islands.

Be the ruler of your own city, manage finances, in this stress-free city simulator.
Warfare 1917 - Warfare 1917 War Historical Setting Military Tanks Relive the brutality of World War 1 with Warfare 1917, a game based on the events of World War I.

Command your units, advance your troops to take the next positions, and win the war for either Germany or Britain.

Battle using a variety of troops, the famed WW1 tank, and the feared artillery barrages.
War Conflict 10 War Conflict Building Historical Setting Airplanes Player vs Player (PvP) Military Tanks War Take command of your army and conquer as many locations as you can on the map

Design your base map and fortify it with a variety of artillery

Upgrade your troops, conquer other players' bases and climb up the leaderboard
Krosmaster Arena - Krosmaster Arena Turn Based Fantasy Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Become the master of the Krosmoz, and battle other players using anime-inspired figurines to be the ultimate champion!

An immersive strategy game, position your pieces strategically, use special abilities, and collect as many figurines as you can.

Dominate the board and pilot your pieces to victory in various games and tournaments.

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