Important Things That You Should Never Forget When Playing RTS Games

Rate this Article Since there are so many things to keep track of in RTS games, players often forget some very important things and, because of this, they tend to suffer drastic consequences. In this article we'll be pointing out some crucial things that you should always keep in mind when playing RTS games. Online Strategy Games - Important Things That You Should Never Forget When Playing RTS Games

Of course it goes without saying that keeping all these things in mind while also managing the multitudes of other things that you need to keep track of in an RTS game can prove to be a challenging task but, in spite of this, you shouldn't stop trying because these tips are sure to help you out in the long run.

1: Manage Your Resources Properly

Perhaps the biggest mistake that players make in RTS games is that they don't utilize their resources in an efficient manner. A lot of players tend to invest too much on their economy and this leaves their base without proper fortification and, on the other hand, some players invest too much on fortification and this leaves them in dire financial troubles. Also, when making decisions that involve spending resources, don't rush into said decisions. For example, when you're attacking another person, you might get the idea of investing a whole bunch of currency to train more units quickly in order to come out on top of your opponent but this investment might actually end up costing you later on because you didn't think things through.

2: Your Armies Should Always be Diverse

During times of battle, one thing that often ends up being the reason players lose is the fact that their forces were mostly composed of a single unit. It's highly recommended that you combine multiple different types of units when making your armies because this will make it extremely difficult for your opponent to counter you. On the other hand, if you spam a single unit a whole bunch of times then your opponents will easily be able to counter-play this strategy.

3: Don't Repeat Strategies

Repeating strategies is a mistake that even veteran MMORTS players make and this mistake usually ends up in their defeat. No matter how efficient or useful one particular strategy is, you're bound to get annihilated if you keep repeating it because your foes will eventually find a counter for it. Try to have multiple strategies at your disposal so you can adjust according to your opponents and come out on top every single time.

4: Play to Your Strengths

In a lot of strategy games, players have to choose between different factions when they start off and this decision has a heavy impact on what their base and army will be like. However, one common mistake that we often see players making is that they don't capitalize on the strengths of their forces. For example, if you've chosen a force that has strong infantry units then you should try to prioritize heavily on these infantry units because they're the strongest that you have.

5: Work With Your Allies

If you're playing a strategy game in which you have to play alongside your allies, you should always coordinate with them because you'll probably get obliterated if you don't. Always try cover for your ally's weaknesses and go to their aid if they require it. Alongside this, whenever launching attacks, you should try to coordinate said attacks with your allies because this'll make them a lot more impactful.

All things considered, as long as you keep the aforementioned things in mind when playing RTS games, we're certain that you'll play a lot better.

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