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Rate this Article There are many amazing games for us to enjoy, and in this article we will take a look into some of the companies that make these games, and a little insight into what they are about. Online Strategy Games - Online Strategy Game Developers

We all love strategy games, but who are the people behind them? In this article we will bring you a little big of an insight into the companies that make the games you enjoy playing, and maybe introduce you to a few new games as well.

Developing any game is not an easy thing to do, not on the scale like some of the modern MMORTS games, just look at the scale and scope of Stormfall: Age of War, a global game with millions of players. It takes dedication, hard work and a huge amount of talent to create something like this. These companies often span the world and have huge teams of artists, programmers and of course marketing departments. When that all comes together well, you get a great product, like Stormfall.

Stormfall is just one of the many games created by a company called Plarium, their other titles can be found on our Plarium Games List, but they have more notable titles like Nords: Heroes of the North, Pirates: Tides of Fortune and Total Domination. Each of these games comes with its stunning set of graphics, fully voiced characters and quests and of course the much loved PvP element that really dominates the end game.

Plarium was first created in 2009 and has since gone on to have 8 offices all over the world with over 1,000 staff. They have 9 active games, and over 250 million players in 150 countries, for a company started only 7 years ago that is a very impressive feat. With continuing support and development there is a lot to look forward to from this strategy game giant.

Another huge developer is the brilliant InnoGames, founded in Germany by 3 friends their company has grown into one of the most well known in the business. It started with Tribal Wars and has gone on to include 4 other massive titles and a team of over 400 talented people all based in Germany. With over 150 million players worldwide their games are incredibly popular and have created a huge following. Alongside Tribal Wars they have the huge Forge of Empires, as well as a few other games that can be found in the InnoGames List.

GoodGame Studios is another German company that have entered the global market with their stable of games, from their first game Big Farm they moved into the strategy market, and hit it big with GoodGame Empire, their most popular title. Once again they have impressive numbers, with over 300 million players worldwide among all of their games there are a lot of people who enjoy the styling and fast paced nature of the games.

Last on our list is the brilliant Travian Games, responsible for Travian 1 and 2, as well as a few sports related games such as United GP and Goal United they are a smaller company with only 200 employees but they have joined the global market and have a huge player base of loyal fans. This is particularly good given their particular artistic style and mostly 2D work.

This brings to a close our list of some of the biggest developers in the world, please do check out some of the games they have created, we are sure that you will enjoy them and we hope that these companies continue to bring us some of the best gaming experiences around.

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