Should You Splurge on the Free Cash in RTS Games?

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If you’re fond of playing massively multiplayer online real time strategy (MMORTS) games, then you certainly have noticed that the game gives you two types of in-game cash: the normal currency and the special currency.

The second one is worth noting because it is used in certain crucial applications, but they are finite in amount. You’re only given a limited amount when you begin the game, as a sort-of gift from the developers to get you started in the game.

Once this special currency runs out, you’ll have to wait until you achieve certain milestones before you can receive more of it. It’s only natural that you will want to keep as much of these cash as possible as you play the game.

However, did you know that you should better splurge on that special currency early on?

First off, this currency is inherent in “Pay to Win” games. When you do decide to buy more of these through micro-transactions involving real cash, you’re giving yourself an advantage over the other players. You can purchase items that free players cannot buy, and you can do certain actions that set you several steps forward from the competition.

Thus, you should think of yourself as being at an advantage, at least at the beginning stages of your experience in the RTS game. Because you’re at an advantage, you should make use of that.

First off, special currency can be used to speed up certain processes. For instance, you can easily build a structure by using special currency to complete the construction. It can either shorten the time, or instantly finish the construction. Thus, you can then move on to building other important buildings.
The whole point of doing so is that you’re building strength at a faster rate so that you get off to a good start in your experience in the RTS game.

RTS games typically puts new users under a protective bubble for at least 18 hours to keep away attackers, so you can use this time and the capabilities afforded to you by special currency to build a strong base that can stand its own when the protective bubble disappears.

You actually don’t need to worry about losing all of your special currency. If you notice, there are quests or missions that are assigned to you by the game. These quests are able to give you rewards, some of which include free special currency together with free normal currency and experience points. When you level up, you receive some as well.

The only time you’d want to purchase special currency for real money is when you really want to step up your game and be more powerful than anyone else in the MMORTS.

You now understand the advantage that using special currency can bring to you. So, don’t hoard up on that one. Use it early on in the game so you can ensure a strong kingdom that can stand against every attack your enemy sends against you even when you’re online.

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