Some Tips for Playing Real Time MMOs

Rate this Article Playing real-time MMOs requires a bit of strategy especially at the earliest levels. Online Strategy Games - Some Tips for Playing Real Time MMOs

Real-time MMOs have their own charm to give to their loyal players. While it lacks the 3-dimensional graphics and interactive gameplay afforded by other non-RTS games, real-time strategy MMORPGs give people a taste of reality with its time management feature.

In other words, you have to manage the time available to you effectively in order to attain an optimal rate of progress in games like Nords: Heroes of the North, and many other similar games in the market.

Just like playing first-person shooter games require a bit of finesse and brains, real-time strategy RPGs also require some strategies that you should keep in mind if you plan to at least cover significant amount of virtual ground in your first 48 hours of playing the game.

Take note that you have free special currency available to you. This special currency is consumed each time you want to take on some actions that are reserved for VIP members. For instance, you might want to speed up the construction and upgrades of your buildings. You use special currency for this, as much as you could until it is totally consumed.

Bear in mind that acceleration is free if there is less than 5 minutes left in the progress bar, and you should take advantage of that as well. Each building has levels, and the construction and upgrades take less than 5 minutes for the first few lower tiers.

People are initially hesitant to consume special currency because it can only be replenished through in-app purchases using real money. That’s detrimental to their progress, actually, because they can help a lot in, at the very least, achieving a stable foothold that will help your neophyte account against attacks by other players when your “peace dome” is taken away after 48 hours.

Speaking of the “peace dome,” this is a protective bubble put around your city in the world map to keep other players from attacking you for 48 hours. Make full use of this peace dome to build up your strength. Amass the necessary resources, and the requisite military manpower so you can effectively fend off attacks and plunder attempts by other players when your protection expires.

Take note not to attack other players because this will prematurely expire the “peace dome.” Unless you think you’re ready, it’s wise not to engage in player versus player (PvP) combat that early. Build your strength first, and then you can start attacking other players.

Make sure to follow quests as well. They give rewards in terms of in-game cash (the free one), and experience points. Quests also act as guides for you; they show you the right path to advancement in other words. You could always figure things out on your own but it consumes a lot of time; you’ll lose ground rather than gain them if you go through that route.

With proper guidance and strategy, you could be well on your way to achieving success in real-time strategy MMOs.

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