Top Military Strategy Games You Can Play Online

Rate this Article If you’re a military enthusiast, there is no shortage of options, but finding the best ones to play is quite a chore. Here is a list of top military strategy games that we recommend. Online Strategy Games - Top Military Strategy Games You Can Play Online

Soldiers, wars, and military strategy has always been well-represented in the gaming world. If you’re a military enthusiast, there is no shortage of options, but finding the best ones to play is quite a chore. If you’re finding it hard to do so, look no further: we’ve created a list of top military strategy games, and here are some of which:

Warfare 1917

Set in the World War I, Warfare 1917 is a free-to-play side-scrolling strategy game. Behind its simple visuals and intuitive controls is a challenging strategy game wherein every move counts. You get to choose between two opposing sides: Great Britain and Germany, and you can play both sides’ campaign sorties. The gameplay is simple: the two opposing sides will make units advance sideways in the game map. However, it’s not that simple: the map is littered with trenches, barbed wire, and other obstacles where infantry can take cover. You need to use these wisely so your units won’t end up exposed to enemy fire.

You can deploy a variety of units, from the humble riflemen, to stat-increasing officers, and a machine gun team that can mow down incoming enemy units. Tanks will be available as you progress further, and you can unlock perks and new abilities like airstrikes and artillery barrages as you progress through the campaign. Thanks to the variety of units and immersive gameplay, this game is one that you should be trying out.

Warfare 1944

Made by the same developers of Warfare 1917, Warfare 1944’s gameplay is much like Warfare 1917. There are two opposing sides, and this time, you will either control the US forces landing in Europe, and the German Wermacht. It is a side-scrolling game wherein the objective is to advance to the other side of the field while taking out enemy soldiers. The map is also strewn with obstacles and trenches for infantry units to take cover in and exchange fire. Compared to Warfare 1917 though, the weapons are far more advanced: the airstrikes are more lethal, and the tanks are far more advanced. You will be able to deploy the likes of the Sherman tank and the feared Tiger Tank.

European Wars

Playable on Facebook, European Wars plays like the other base-building games in the genre. You won’t be able to control units or fight off hordes of enemy soldiers, but instead, you’ll control and upgrade bases which are based on real-life cities and locations. The game starts with you choosing a side: US, Germany, and Russia. The gameplay mainly involves you recruiting units, and deploying them in battles wherein you’re supposed to make sure that they have a strategic advantage over enemy units. It’s a fun game with many elements and intricacies, and even if it’s devoid of action, it’s something strategy game purists would want to try out.

War Conflict

Straight from the developers of Modern Conflict and the acclaimed War Thunder comes War Conflict, a military strategy game playable on the Android. Although it’s a base-building game, it’s main draw involves tanks and aircraft inspired by the ones in the field in World War II. Be treated to fast-paced, adrenaline-rushed battles with tanks like the Sherman, Tiger, and other aircraft.

If you’re looking for decent military strategy games to try out, these should be added to your priority list right away. Although you’ll need to deal with a steep learning curve when trying them out, they’re the types of games you’ll enjoy. At the same time, they’ll give you numerous hours of mind-wracking, unadulterated strategy gameplay.

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