Ways to Become Better at Playing MMORTS Games

Rate this Article In this article we'll be giving some pretty useful tips through which you can speed-up your learning process and quickly get good at these games. Online Strategy Games - Ways to Become Better at Playing MMORTS Games

MMORTS games are probably some of the hardest games to master and get good at because of the insane amount of gameplay mechanics that players need to learn. In this article we'll be giving some pretty useful tips through which you can speed-up your learning process and quickly get good at these games.

The biggest mistake that players make in MMORTS games is messing up the composition of their forces so perhaps the easiest and quickest way to drastically improve your skill at MMORTS games is to simply realize that you might not be sending the proper kinds of units into battle. In order to have a proper force you need to have balance of different kinds of units such as those that deal a ton of damage up close, those that can attack from range and of course those that can soak up damage. However, players usually just end up creating a ton of damage dealing units which leaves their forces exposed. Learning to create a balanced army is the first step to improving at an RTS game and is also probably the most crucial.

To become an adept player of MMORTS games, you need to improve your micro-managing skills because you’ll constantly have to manage even the tiniest elements of your forces during your battle. There’s not really any direct way to improve your micro other than simply practicing the gameplay over and over again. However, one way through which you can probably learn to micro your units better is by playing against AI instead of actual players. Against weak AI opponents you won’t need to worry about winning or losing and this will allow you to focus solely on practicing your micro-managing skills.

Learning that your forces aren’t expendable is also key to improving in MMORTS games. While yes, a lot of your soldiers and units are probably going to die during battle, this doesn’t mean that you should simply sit around and let it happen. If you spot a unit going low during combat then you should try and pull it out and send it back to your own base in order to heal/repair. Of course you probably won’t get a ton of your units back out because it’s hard to keep track of each and every single one in the heat of battle but you’d be surprised how many you can actually salvage through this tactic. Saving your forces like this will drastically reduce your expenses for the next fight because you’ll have plenty saved up from before thereby putting you at a strategic advantage.

Of course it goes without saying that proper management of your economy will also do wonders to your in-game performance in MMORTS games. Many players waste a lot of their resources on things that are usually pointless such as an insane amount of defenses. Having defensive structures is obviously important but players usually go overboard with them and the insane amount that they spend on these structures ends up cutting into the amount that they’d have otherwise spent on their forces which in-turn leads to a disadvantage on the battlefield due to a shortage of units.

All things considered, we can say for sure that if you keep the aforementioned advice in mind when playing MMORTS games, you’ll definitely play a lot better.

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