Goodgame Empire & Empire: Four Kingdoms are All Decked Out for Winter

Monday, November 4, 2019 Winter is coming to Goodgame Empire and Empire: Four Kingdoms - check it out! Goodgame Empire & Empire: Four Kingdoms are All Decked Out for Winter The hardworking people over at Goodgame Studios have toiled night and day to bring the familiar white swathe of snow back into Goodgame Empire and Empire: Four Kingdoms. Check out some of these amazing changes!

Winter is Coming
To immerse you, the players, in the seasonality, the game have been completely re-skinned to a winter setting. Below you can find an in-game screenshot of the castle view with the new winter buildings and environment.

The new game setting is supported by various in-game events that will help the new player monetization. There is a special starter package available throughout the whole month with a value of $50 that will be handed out to new players that reach level 8 in the game.

New Main Character
To help introduce our players to this new settings we have made a big change in the main character of the game. King Eric will take a step back and will be replaced by a brand new character: Diana the Wildland Rebel.

Players will be guided through a revamped tutorial story by this new character, who will take over the role as main character from King Eric.

New Brand
To accompany all these in-game changes we see it fit to market the games with fresh titles. During the Winter Push the games will be rebranded to Empire: Blazing Winter & Empire: Four Kingdoms - Blazing Winter. The game icons have been modified to fit these new brand names.

Want to take a look at these exciting wintery changes yourself? Well, hop into any of the games now and have fun playing in the snow!