November Sees the Cold Creep in with Infinity Kingdom's Legion of the Frostborne Update

Thu, Nov 18, 2021 YOOZOO announces Infinity Kingdom 1.7 — offering Lords from different servers passage to the frozen lands of the North, where they’ll fight a war to occupy the Gnome’s Capital. November Sees the Cold Creep in with Infinity Kingdom's Legion of the Frostborne Update YOOZOO is proud to announce Infinity Kingdom’s 1.7 update called “Legion of the Frostborne”, in which Norheim’s best Lords will lay siege to the capital of the Gnomes in the north. Prepare your weapons, and be ready to start the expedition to new and dangerous lands, filled with enemy forces. For those who can withstand the onslaught of the Gnomes, riches await.

A map so new snow lays fresh on the ground, undisturbed, awaiting the first footsteps of humankind. Legion of Frostborne takes place in the unknown Frozen Realm, where Thermal Towers are essential for keeping warm amidst blizzards and lifting the darkness to expand Lords’ Vision Proximity. Between Lords and victory stand Gnome cities, checkpoints and ultimately, the Gnome’s Capital. It will not be that simple, however.

An ancient evil has taken control of the North, shrouding the map in darkness. This darkness hides all movement on the map so Lords can’t see other controlled territories, troops or relocation sites. Locations of interest like gathering points, cities and checkpoints can be vaguely seen — but all details are obscured. Unless, that is, Lords come together and work as a team to build thermal towers and occupy cities and checkpoints to demystify this new land.

The Frozen Realm isn’t for the faint hearted. A bitter cold smothers the land, with blizzards blowing so strong they reduce Lords’ building time and Prosperity. The severe weather will also cause a significant reduction in troops’ gathering speed when gathering at resource deposits in blizzard zones. Gnomes will prevail in these harsh conditions, as they enjoy the freezing climate and an even greater combat ability in the Frozen Realm.

Update 1.7 will also feature Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales, allowing players to purchase gems with double returns for limited hours and special bundles with higher rebates.

- Matters of importance for Legion of the Frostborne:
Lords who want to venture up north will have to complete Chronicle Event 21 “Royal Ambition”, have joined an alliance and have reached Castle level 15 or higher.
- Lords taking part in Legion of the Frostborne automatically relocate to the northern battlefield - leaving behind their original territories and continents.
- The server will be open for at least 60 days.

YOOZOO is proud to announce the massive success of the Contention of Legends. In total, over 40,000 players joined the event, and battled over 1450 times, plus Infinity Kingdom reached #2 in download on the Korean Google Play Store just 1 week after it’s release! Ultimately, the kingdom of Ruslan won with the Alliance ECHO winning the World Heart. All participants have received 9x Philosopher’s Stone and 3x Elite Merchant’s Collection. We’d like to thank all of our players for participating!