Prepare Yourself for Travian: Path to Pandora!

Monday, July 30, 2018 Are you ready to set off on the path to Pandora? Prepare Yourself for Travian: Path to Pandora! September approaches and with it the 14th birthday of Travian: Legends! As in the past, Travian celebrates this with a very special server, following up after last year’s successful Travian: Fire and Sand.

The 2018 special will be called "Travian: Path to Pandora" and include some amazing features to give our players an even more exciting experience. The highlights of the feature list are:

• Five tribes: Following the positive feedback from Travian: Fire and Sand the players can choose again between Romans, Teutons, Gauls, Egyptians and Huns

• New art for buildings: Every tribe will have its own specific art for the buildings, giving the villages now a unique look and feel

• New conquering mechanic: So far when you conquered another village in Travian: Legends it would switch to the tribe you selected in the beginning (e.g. a Roman player would always only be able to build Roman buildings and troops in conquered villages). This is now from the past! From now on you will be able to produce buildings and troops of the original tribe in the conquered village, allowing you to send troops from up to five tribes into battle.