Primal Wars - A Community-Driven Strategy MMO

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 If the community is what makes or breaks an MMO strategy game for you, then you might want to check out Primal Wars! For some, mobile games are a way to just pass the time while waiting for the bus or train, for others though, mobile games are a portable community of friends and family all willing to help each other. Nothing is more heartwarming than hearing the stories of those involved in these communities. Whether it's a falling out or a match made in heaven, all of them stem from people’s experiences in a mobile game.

Primal Wars: Dino Age by 37Games is one of these games. On the outside, it may look like a beautifully crafted RTS, but if you delve deep you will find masses of guilds, players and discussions, a big community of players chatting, helping and plotting their next move. This is due to the deep Guild System that lets members aid each other in battles, rallies, resource transportation and much more. Coupled with all these features is a robust way to communicate via guild chat, world chat and a diplomacy board which allows guilds to declare war or make peace treaties with each other. Through all these methods of chat, players can talk to others from all walks of life from all over the world (Thanks to the in-built Translation system).

37Games recently received an E-Mail regarding a guild member who had recently passed away and asked if they could commemorate her in-game with a lifelong shield. 37Games went above and beyond the request by naming their new server K12 after the guild members username ‘Elisheba’. Forever eternalized in-game, ‘Elisheba’ will be fondly remembered by her friends and members of ‘League of Shadow’ guild within Primal Wars: Dino Age.

Elisheba is continued to be remembered within the guild by remaining as an officer and also with a small heartfelt message in their guild bio. This is not the first time 37Games has listened to their players. Not long ago a button that takes you to another interface on the default city management screen was removed. Players voiced their opinion and a poll was held on the Facebook page with many people saying it was useful and would like the easy use button back.

With only 2 votes for no, the button was restored to its original place shortly after.

Primal Wars: Dino Age is a real-time strategy by 37Games, game set in a primeval world with barbarians, dinosaurs and legendary dragons, available on iOS and Android.