Winter is Coming to Your Browser: Pre-Register for Game of Thrones-Themed MMO Strategy Game

Wednesday, January 23, 2019 From the white walkers to armies from rival Houses, you'll finally be able to prove your worth in this highly-anticipated MMO strategy game! Pre-register now! If watching the battles play out in Westeros on the TV isn't good enough for you anymore, well, you can dive into some action yourself in this upcoming Game of Thrones-themed browser MMO strategy game, aptly called Game of Thrones!

The game promises epic, massive battles that can support up to 10k troops, a gameplay that's highly strategic, and a chance for you to work together with your friends and conquer the whole of Westeros for your liege. In some way, the game would be somewhat similar to the mobile game of the same title but this browser game has plenty more to offer.

You can now pledge your loyalty to the Houses in Westeros, join them as their Bannerman and dive right into the war by pre-registering on the game's official website. By pre-registering, you'll be ensuring that you'll get a nice headstart since you'll be granted Mysterious Hero x1, Wood 50k x2, Stone 50k x2, and Speed up for 1 hour x2 as rewards.

You'll also get a special invite code which you can then use to invite up to 3 friends to join you in the game. In return, you'll get an addition bunch of rewards that include Mysterious Hero Shards x20, Ore 50k x2, Speed up for 3 hours x20 and Grain 150k x2. Overall, you can definitely get a leg up simply by pre-registering for what is possibly your next favorite game!

The winter is coming and the fight for the Iron Throne has begun... will you end up like Ned Stark or will you be able to outwit them all and become the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros?