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Battle various monstrous sea creatures on the high seas

Develop your own pirate haven and build magnificent ships

Head over to other sectors and plunder other players' islands
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Battle various monstrous sea creatures on the high seas

Develop your own pirate haven and build magnificent ships

Head over to other sectors and plunder other players' islands

Besides its typical pirate theme, Ultimate Pirates is a rather different, free-to-play browser-based MMO strategy game. Yes, the game does look and feels like a mobile-port but, unlike many other similar games, the gameplay here leans more towards resource management and PvE (battling sea creatures) rather than the PvP (other player’s islands). The game’s a lot more social as well, and if you’d like more company, there are also alliances that you can join.

Base building is a main aspect of the gameplay in Ultimate Pirates… that and resource management. Thus, naturally, the game will introduce these aspects to you first via its tutorial. There are also tons of progression quests that will help you move your pirate island along by setting new goals. Of course, by completing these quests, you’ll get a nice chuck of rewards too!

As mentioned, resources are very important here, in a way that’s similar to most MMORTS games really. It’s crucial to start accumulating as much resources as you can since if you progress fast enough, you’ll quickly find that, for instance, iron is very hard to come by here and gold is probably second in line. That’s why you might want to upgrade your iron mines, and also build more of them, whenever you can.

In addition to iron and gold, you’ll need lumber as well, but I’ve noticed that you’ll almost always have a huge surplus of this type of resource, so short of having some random player stealing all of your lumber, there’s really no need to worry about this one. To maintain your pirate base, you’ll need food too. You can get them by setting up farms or hunting down sea creatures.

Your home island is actually pretty small at the beginning, but thankfully, you can expand it by spending a bunch of resources. You may also find yourself moving your buildings around just so you can maximize whatever available space you have since there are obstacles that can sometimes be quite costly to remove.

You should also know that the number of worker’s huts will determine how many construction projects you can have at the same time. Although you’ll get your first worker’s hut for free, more huts will cost you quite a bit of rubies (premium currency). Luckily, the game can be pretty generous and will start you off with a nice pile of rubies. If you scrimp a bit, you might be able to buy another worker’s hut while having a tidy extra on the side for other stuff.

Although you can generate most of the resources yourself on your island, sometimes, it’s good to get a bit more from… other sources. This is where the sector map comes in! Here, you can take on various sea creatures to gather more gold, food and sometimes, construction materials. You can even raid other pirate islands, most of which are actually own by NPCs, but if you want to dive into some exciting PvP stuff, you can go to other sectors to find worthy foes to plunder from.

Battles in this game is automatically resolved, so what you send into the battlefield is more important than say, having the best strategy. In this game, you’ll be able to build a huge variety of ships, each of them has their own pros and cons, but usually, the most expensive a ship is, the better it is. Each ship you’ve built can then be “loaded” with weapons which will contribute extra battle stats to your ship’s overall stats.

Similarly, the better weapons you load into a ship, the higher stats it will get as a result. You can craft all of your weapons via certain buildings on your island. However, there’s a limit to how many items you can load per ship and you can’t just dump whatever weapons you have into a ship in hopes of giving its stats a massive boost.

As a freemium game, Ultimate Pirates has an in-game store where you can purchase more rubies using real cash, or spend rubies to get perks like Kingdom protection, which prevents other players from raiding your island for a set amount of time; fill a specific resource to its maximum capacity, speed up construction or crafting processes, and even allow you to build or upgrade more buildings at the same time.

Ultimate Pirates is a social game in the sense that you’ll get to band up with other players in the game via Alliances. However, if you’re not much of a follower but more of a leader, then know that you can create an Alliance of your own for just 100 rubies.

The graphics in this game look amazing when zoomed way out, but if you want to inspect things a bit closer, you’ll notice that many of the visuals will become grainy and look really low-res. The music in this game is really good as well, but perhaps it’s because of my lower-end laptop or the lack of RAM, the sound came across as spotty for me. There are plenty of crackling sounds in between.

All in all, Ultimate Pirates is a “both familiar and yet different” kind of MMORTS game. Yes, you get to plunder other players’ islands and build up your own, but interestingly enough, there are also plenty of other PvE activities for you to enjoy. In other words, this MMORTS game made PvP optional, allowing players who don’t like attacking other players to play the game the way they like. But of course, this doesn’t mean that they won’t get attacked by others though.

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