Games Like Call of Duty: Global Operations

Lead your army and take part in a conflict that spans across the globe

Join the war against terror and brace yourself for an all-out nuclear war

Build up your military might and become the most powerful general in the world
GUNS UP! - GUNS UP! Building Military Grab hold and download a copy of GUNS UP!, a military strategy tower defense and offense game in the Playstation 4.

Build the strongest and impenetrable base, and build your army to destroy your enemies.

Time your deployments at the right time and use your resources wisely in your conquest!
Boom Beach 10 Boom Beach War Empire Building Player vs Player (PvP) Military Boom Beach is the kind of strategy game that’s fast enough to keep you entertained.

Build your base on the main island and explore other islands, destroy enemy bases and earn resources.

Think of a strategy and set it in motion as you invade and conquer other players' bases
Invasion: Modern Empire - Invasion: Modern Empire Building Futuristic Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Military Play Invasion: Modern Empire and become the conqueror in this game’s world.

Expand your territory and improve your base: build farms and various structures to build your army.

Fight for every inch of land and defeat your enemies in exciting RTS battles.
Warfare 1917 - Warfare 1917 War Historical Setting Military Tanks Relive the brutality of World War 1 with Warfare 1917, a game based on the events of World War I.

Command your units, advance your troops to take the next positions, and win the war for either Germany or Britain.

Battle using a variety of troops, the famed WW1 tank, and the feared artillery barrages.
Warfare Online - Warfare Online War Deathmatch Modern Setting Military
Experience a game that mixes real time strategy and tactics with a unique card system that represents the available options and choices that can be used to play the game.

Send your troops and armored units through a precarious no man’s land to reach and obliterate the enemy base.

Engage in heavy tactical thinking in order to outsmart your opponent using two very important factors, combat resources and time.
War Conflict 10 War Conflict Building Historical Setting Airplanes Player vs Player (PvP) Military Tanks War Take command of your army and conquer as many locations as you can on the map

Design your base map and fortify it with a variety of artillery

Upgrade your troops, conquer other players' bases and climb up the leaderboard
Iron Sky - Iron Sky War Empire Building Sci-Fi Player vs Player (PvP) Military Fight for either the Azure Alliance or the Imperial Empire

Build bases and armies to conquer various territories on the planet of Atlantis

Perform research and upgrades to unlock new units and advance your empire
World War Online - World War Online War Building Modern Setting Military Enter the war and join the fray to fight for supremacy and make your country the strongest in the world.

Join squads and cooperate with other players from the same country to reach your goals.

Raise your military rank, unlock new units, and devastate and conquer your enemies with powerful weapons.
Age of Warring Empire - Age of Warring Empire Empire Building Building Historical Setting Guilds Management Time Management Manage your whole empire in Age of Warring Empire.

Collect resources, manage your army and complete exciting war missions.

Create and join a guild to fight players from all over the world with your buddies.
Mafia City - Mafia City Empire Building Crime Guilds Player vs Player (PvP) Become the ultimate mafia lord of your city in Mafia City.

Manage your empire and train your crew to fight off the enemy cartels.

Swoon the ladies, earn millions and live the epic life style of a gangster.

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