Games Like Duelyst

Over 350 cards and 6 factions to choose from.

Summon minions and cast devastating spells.

Get ready for epic turn based tactics style battles.
War and Magic - War and Magic War Magic Medieval Age Player vs Player (PvP) Become a strategic mastermind in this innovative RTS that doesn’t cease to impress.

Utilize your tactical prowess to annihilate your opponents in the game’s exciting combat.

Build your very own empire from scratch and rule over it.
Prime World: Defenders 9.5 Prime World: Defenders Building Tower Defense Collectible Cards Plan carefully and allocate your towers wisely for optimal defense.

Exterminate wave after wave of Prime thirsty Creeps bent on defeating you and your base at all cost.

Be immersed in an all out Tower Defense game with beautiful graphics, cards to collect and an awesome story line.
Legends of Callasia - Legends of Callasia Empire Building Player vs Player (PvP) Collectible Cards War Turn Based Fantasy Setting Put your strategic skills to the test in this brilliant Risk-like strategy game

Build your empire, send out your armies, eliminate your rivals, and conquer the map

Enjoy the game's expansive single player game modes or fight other players in multiplayer mode
Bloons TD Battles 10 Bloons TD Battles Real Time Tower Defense Defend your monkey town against various types of bloons.

Collect and upgrade new monkey towers.

Go head to head against other players in live battles.
Ways Of History - Ways Of History War Empire Building Historical Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Study, think and plan your way through time in this civilization oriented strategy game.

Watch your little settlement grow and flourish through the ages but be alert and ready to defend when threats appear.

Engage in Science and Technology or Industry as you progress through the game or build up a powerful military force and wage war with your neighbors…the choice is yours.

My Lands: Black Gem Hunting - My Lands: Black Gem Hunting Empire Building Management War Real Time Business/ Economy Fantasy Setting Medieval Age Engage in a long term strategy game where you have to build your empire one step at a time and see the results of your decisions and actions as the game rolls on.

Align yourself with the light or the darkness and harvest and acquire as much Black Gems as you can to gain the power you need to conquer and rule the land.

Engage other players in battle and form alliances with those who are on the same side by trading, assisting and sharing quests to achieve overall goals.
The West 9 The West Wild West Player vs Player (PvP) Enjoy this awesome browser based strategy game that comes with a very distinct and intriguing setting.

Challenge your opponents to duels that only the very best can come out on top of.

Complete multitudes of exciting tests that’ll have you hooked for hours upon hours.
Kingdoms Mobile - Kingdoms Mobile War Fantasy Setting Guilds Medieval Age Player vs Player (PvP) Build the strongest empire the world has ever seen in this exciting strategy game that doesn’t disappoint.

Train forces and send them into battle to raid enemy bases and loot their resources.

Choose a faction and get various kinds of special bonuses depending on your choice.
Forge of Empires 10 Forge of Empires War Medieval Age Player vs Player (PvP) Create your very own fearsome empire in this phenomenal strategy game that won’t disappoint.

Research new technologies to evolve from the Stone Age and move onto more modern times.

Explore the game world to discover new territories that you can take control of to expand your empire even further.
Lands of War 5.5 Lands of War Real Time Fantasy Setting Player vs Player (PvP) Command and lead your armies to victory against other players.

Grow your castle and fief to become one of the most powerful in the world.

Research, recruit and upgrade your warriors to improve their strength.

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