Games Like Rage War

Develop your castle as your empire progresses through the ages due to the advancements of science

Build up an army to conquer other provinces or bribe the local rulers instead

Climb up the rank ladder by battling other players and destroying their castles
Eastern Front: War Strategy - Eastern Front: War Strategy War Tanks Participate in epic battles that can only be won by the most strategic of players.

Upgrade your squad as you progress through the game to get a higher chance of succeeding in the battlefield.

Assist your friends and their squads whenever they’re in need so that you can get your hands on some awesome bonuses.
Colony Attack - Colony Attack Sci-Fi प्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर मैनेजमेन्ट (प्रबन्धन) Real Time Futuristic Setting Space Games Engage in a strategic space opera that pits you against both human and AI players in an online environment.

Learn to manage your resources as you build your colony on a barren planet and eventually reach out for the stars.

Make decisions based on information you obtain on contested space to gather resources, launch attacks or join and form alliances in your quest to expand your colony and beat your opponents.
Total Front - Total Front War Historical Setting Devise strategies and command your units in Total Front, and decimate your enemies in this RTS game.

Choose between six different countries in a great conflict, and make use of terrifying weapons of war.

Build your base, train your units, and launch powerful offensives against your enemies.
Throne Rush 10 Throne Rush War Monsters Dragons Fantasy Setting Command your troops, build your defenses, and ravage your enemies in Throne Rush, and exciting mobile real-time strategy game.

Gather resources, train soldiers, and hire unique mercenaries to boost your military power.

Destroy monsters in the campaign mode and take your army online to defeat other players.
Astro Conquest - Astro Conquest Empire Building Real Time Futuristic Setting Sci-Fi Space Games Mine for valuable resources from asteroids to develop your starbase

Assemble your space armada and set off to conquer and capture other starbases

Work together with your allies and wipe out all your foes on the map
Rise of the Kings 10 Rise of the Kings War Empire Building Dragons Guilds मैनेजमेन्ट (प्रबन्धन) Rebuild your empire from scratch in Rise of the Kings.

Manage the resources and construct a huge variety of buildings.

Recruit heroes, train armies and hunt down monsters and enemies.
Terminator Genisys: Future War - Terminator Genisys: Future War War Post Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Immerse yourself in this epic mobile strategy game that’ll put you in the middle of a chaotic war.

Pledge your allegiance to one of two factions and do all you can to help your side be victorious.

Build your base and attack your enemies to loot their resources.
Warfare Online - Warfare Online War Deathmatch Modern Setting Military
Experience a game that mixes real time strategy and tactics with a unique card system that represents the available options and choices that can be used to play the game.

Send your troops and armored units through a precarious no man’s land to reach and obliterate the enemy base.

Engage in heavy tactical thinking in order to outsmart your opponent using two very important factors, combat resources and time.
Call of Duty: Heroes - Call of Duty: Heroes Real Time बिल्डिंग Team-based प्लेयर वर्सेज प्लेयर Engage in Tactical and strategic warfare using Call of Duty units, locations and characters

Play in either Solo or multi-player PvP mode

Use heroes to achieve mission objectives and to win the game.
Art of Conquest 7 Art of Conquest War Empire Building Fantasy Setting Play Art of Conquest and experience a seamless mix of several gaming genres: MMO, RTS, and RPG.

Explore a large, strange world to expand your kingdom and fight against a variety of foes.

Be treated to large scale battles: place your troops and heroes in a formation and activate your heroes’ special skills to turn the tide.

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