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Action game is a video game genre that emphasizes physical challenges, including hand–eye coordination and reaction-time. General War: Memories - General War: Memories War Modern Setting Tanks Go back into the battlefields of World War II and relive historical battles in General War: Memories.

Gain access to various tanks, units, weapons, and generals, to lead your army to victory.

Use different strategies to get the most out of your units and wipe your foes from the map!
Total War Battles: Kingdom - Total War Battles: Kingdom City Building Historical Setting Medieval Age Shape the land, recruit peasants, and train a powerful army to become the supreme ruler of England.

Create structures, like farms, quarries, and blacksmith forges to strengthen your forces!

Conquer new territories to expand your realm, defeat rival lords, while placing a watchful eye foreign invaders.
Total Front - Total Front War Historical Setting Devise strategies and command your units in Total Front, and decimate your enemies in this RTS game.

Choose between six different countries in a great conflict, and make use of terrifying weapons of war.

Build your base, train your units, and launch powerful offensives against your enemies.
GUNS UP! - GUNS UP! Building Military Grab hold and download a copy of GUNS UP!, a military strategy tower defense and offense game in the Playstation 4.

Build the strongest and impenetrable base, and build your army to destroy your enemies.

Time your deployments at the right time and use your resources wisely in your conquest!

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