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Games where mythology is at the core of the game. Grepolis - Grepolis The Gods Player vs Player (PvP) Mythology Bring the best of Greece’s warriors and goddess under your banner.

Develop your city, and make it very productive.

Attack other villages to conquer them and make them part of your kingdom.
Nords: Heroes of the North - Nords: Heroes of the North War Player vs Player (PvP) Mythology Enjoy this epic MMORTS game that’ll make you want to come back for more every single day.

Rebuild a destroyed kingdom from scratch and turn it into one of the most prosperous kingdoms out there.

Create massive armies and send them to pillage your foes to acquire resources and loot.
Ork Buster 10 Ork Buster Party-Based Player vs Player (PvP) Mythology Tower Defense Choose a hero and fight the orks coming your way in the strategic game Ork Buster.

Forge lethal weapons and unlock strong armor to strengthen up your defense.

Create or join guilds to fight the mightiest of orks with perfect battle tactics.
Tentlan - Tentlan Empire Building Real Time Player vs Player (PvP) Mythology Start your journey with a simple settlement and transform it into a flourishing empire that all will fear.

Create many units and soldiers to form an army that no one dares to mess with.

Invade the settlements of other players to acquire resources and loot for yourself.
Anvil: War of Heroes - Anvil: War of Heroes War Medieval Age Player vs Player (PvP) Mythology Enjoy this innovative strategy game that features unique and immersive gameplay for players to enjoy.

Summon massive armies to obliterate your players and any fortifications that they may have.

Form a guild and recruit allies that’ll help you out during times of war.

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