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Games where you can be a pirate and take to the high seas and plunder your way to riches. Pirates: Tides of Fortune 10 Pirates: Tides of Fortune Pirates Empire Building Real Time Ships Player vs Player (PvP) Build your own pirate island from which you will launch your plundering missions against your enemies.

Defend your island from your enemies by fortifying it and recruiting other pirates to your fleet.

Do you have what it takes to be the most notorious pirates roaming the seas?
Nantucket - Nantucket Adventure Pirates Ships Historical Setting Management Assume the role of a captain of a whaling ship in the mid-nineteenth century

Earn a profit from whaling and spend them on upgrading your crew and your ship

Embark on a thrilling hunt for the infamous albino sperm whale, Moby Dick
Ultimate Pirates 7.7 Ultimate Pirates Pirates Empire Building Monsters Player vs Player (PvP) Management Battle various monstrous sea creatures on the high seas

Develop your own pirate haven and build magnificent ships

Head over to other sectors and plunder other players' islands

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